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Mediline Isothermal Solutions

Puzzle Series

Environment and human-friendly insulating materials (CFC-free). Maintains freezing for a longer period. Greater isothermal stability than normal boxes (24-96+ hours). Suitable for all sensitive goods. User-friendly and functional dimensions. High quality raw materials.

- Maximizes the distribution capabilities:

A) More deliveries at the same time.

B) Greater distance coverage in every route.

C) Significant distribution cost reduction.

Suitable for the most demanding distribution conditions, even by air.
- Reusable.
- May be imprinted with all necessary labels and logos.
- Simple and easy to use.
- Excellent cost/performance value, various dimensions.

It is used for the safe transportation of sensitive products such as:
Pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, enzymes, food, drinks and generally wherever increased thermal protection during transportation is necessary.

High performance, endurance, innovative, asembled isothermal box. It's insulating individual parts connect with each other like the pieces of a puzzle, creating a very flexible and robust solution.

Great dimension flexibility, great endurance in external disturbances, enormous storage and shipping space saving while disassembled. May be a part of a HIGH POWER package kit.