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Proven performance - Improved compliance

"The New GenuTrain" Product Illustration

25 years ago it was the first therapeutically effective knee support with an integrated insert: the GenuTrain® Active Support from Bauerfeind. For its anniversary, GenuTrain is available in a new design with an improved knit – thereby achieving the same effects with higher wearer comfort and improved compliance.
With the new Train knit Bauerfeind achieves 30 percent more diagonal stretch without reducing compression. This makes it easier for the patient to put on the support and increases wearer comfort. Furthermore, the support has a larger tolerance area for major deviations in upper and lower leg proportions. The new knit is even more air permeable and breathable, and a new surface feel provides better adhesion to the skin.
The proven ring-shaped insert in GenuTrain remains. It takes the pressure off the knee cap and distributes it to the surrounding soft tissue. With every movement, a massage effect is produced – which is as important as effective support. This allows the active support to stimulate the stabilizing musculature and increases joint stability. Patients that suffer from irritations or a feeling of instability are appropriately treated; they remain mobile. A further important quality is the three-dimensional flat knit. With this production process, threads can be added or removed at any point. The support thus optimally fits various anatomical circumstances.
GenuTrain was “invented” in cooperation with Prof. Heinrich Hess, a former team physician for the German National Soccer Team, along with Prof. Wolfgang Krause, the Medical Director of the Orthopedic Clinic in Kassel –Wilhelmshoehe. The support is available in medical retail stores along with the other products in the Train line.