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AIRNERGY (natural energy solutions AG)

Press statement from Chairman of Hesse regional group in the BDI

At the Hesse Internists’ Congress held in Fulda from 3 - 5 November 2006 Dr. Wolfgang Grebe, Chairman of the Hesse regional group of the BDI (Professional Association of German Internists), made the following statements on AIRNERGY respiratory air therapy.

At a time of budgeting and rationing in the healthcare system individual healthcare services (IGel services) are taking on more importance for the survival of registered doctors. Particular attention is being given to those services which prove especially useful for patient/client, physician and the healthcare system.

In an AIRNERGY endurance study carried out in conjunction with the German Handball Federation (DHB), a higher degree of economy in metabolic activity (lowering of blood lactate concentration and heart rate at identical levels of treadmill ergometry exercise) was observed in amateur athletes with experience of treadmill training after they had breathed in converted air oxygen prior to exertion.

AIRNERGY respiratory air therapy thus offers an effective, serious and economic individual healthcare service which will help registered doctors safeguard the future of their practices and the quality of the care they offer patients.

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