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OB Guidance Tools - High reliability in Obstetrics

OB Guidance Tools
High reliability in Obstetrics
Dedicated to the highest standard of care in obstetrics, LMS works with hospitals to improve outcomes for laboring mothers and their infants. The CALM product suite provides physicians, nurses, risk managers and hospital administrators with a Clinical Information System (CIS) and Dynamic Decision Support (DDS) tools designed to manage risk in obstetrics.

LMS’ Exclusive Dynamic Decision Support:
Helps hospitals measure and track if set protocols have been met.
Gives hospital staff timely, objective, and reliable decision support tools based on currently accepted medical practices.
Aids obstetrical units in improving care and outcomes, as well as reducing risk.
These tools have been developped for real-time labor and delivery use as well as for retrospective statistical reporting.
CALM Curve: Evaluates labor progress dynamically throughout the first stage of labor;
CALM Patterns: Facilitates FHR pattern interpretation and risk identification;
CALM Shoulder Screen: Assesses the risk of shoulder dystocia with injury before the onset of labor.
To obtain information about the specific availability of products and versions, please contact us at sales@lmsmedical.com