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O² patch: the obvious strategy to really give up tobacco with safety

O² patch : the obvious strategy to really give up tobacco with safety

Today, in CE countries, national campaigns and laws against tobacco become more and more hard and paradoxally, smokers allways meet difficulties on their way to give up tobacco.
Through various serious clinical trials, we discover that only about 10% of smokers arrive to stop smoking during one year after the treatment.

Mainly basing the tobacco treatment on the nicotine substance, the pharmaceutical laboratories and the doctors today have to change the treatment’s strategy and advise smokers to apply nicotine patchs over 6 months or more (only 3 months of nicotine’s treatment in the past). The use of drugs against anguish as complementary treatment is not rare.

Inspite of the growth of chemical treatment, after one year, the success does not exceed 5% of smokers who have to continue the using of nicotine substance as chewing for an indefinitive duration.

NOTES : By the exxisting of side effects from nicotine substance towards fetal respiration, INSERM –french medical & research national institute- twice has recommended the NON-USE of nicotine patchs by pregant women (real apnea risk of new-born baby) (INSERM publications on 2005)

The poor results show the lack of capacities from smokers to face up :
1. The inductive anguish and ill-living
2. The nervous irritability, compensatory over-eating and anguish insomnia

A success must include and meet these 2 points of treatment strategy..

O ²patch designed by IDT France’s medical team is a new, modern and effective tobacco solution.
The medical device is the first nicotine-free electronic patch resulting from the long term, rigourous work of IDT France. It meets the criterias of a successfull strategy of treatment aaginst tobacco. With a sophisticated program of stimulations, O² patch works on specific, well-determined areas of the body and gives considerable results on the anguish, the compensatory over-eating and the anguish insomnia..
Without chemical substances, O² patch effectively helps without replacing one drug for another in the efforts to give up smoking.
The programed aid :
1. eliminates automatic smoking gestures in 1-2 weeks
2. totally relieves tobacco dependency in a further 1 – 2 weeks

O² patch presents many advantages :
1. the use is simple and the price cost reasonable
2. the device can be shared for many smokers (only need to change adhesive pads)
3. the product can be advised as first treatment or secondly, with nicotine patchs in the case when smokers are particularly anxious or suffered by the reactional over-eating or insomnia
4. The product is drug-free and is particularly interesting for young smokers, female pregnant smokers, smokers with chronic illness who already have had many chemical treatments (cardio-vascular or diabetic commplications, chronic lung illness, ….)

Compact and cordless, easy to use, O² patch is a medical device answering to the 93/42/EEC with CE0434 medical certificate.
The product meets the FREE SALE certificate delivered by AFSSAPS (French Health Ministry) for CE and out CE markets.
O² patch can be used at home as OTC medical device

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