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O² Patch anti-tobacco or new regard on the treatment against tobacco addiction

In France, as in EU countries, the tobacco smoking in public areas is being probihited.

But it seems that the tobacco addiction treatment by nicotin patch would be limited in results; various studies have showed only 10% of success after 6 months of nicotin treatment and these results would be less after 1 year (there are no studies over 1 year-duration). There are also a changing of drug addiction of young poeple : they drink more alcohol and use more hard drugs.

In France, there are 3 main methods for tobacco addiction treatment (accepted by Franch Health Ministry):
- nicotin daily giving
- if this one failed, some specific drugs will be prescribed
- the taking in charge of the psychology and the comportment of smokers towards tobacco and their stress.

This last treatment method takes in consideration of the global problems of tobacco addition; it is a good method but it can not be widely developped as the medical team is multidisciplinary and there are not enough places in hospitals for millions of smokers

idt france 's medical team has developped O² patch, a new tool to short the delay of psychologic and comportmental treatment.
Accodring medical trials, results are as follows :
- 60% of tobacco relieve after 3 weeks of use
- 30% of tobacco reducing to 3-4 cigarettes a day
- 10% failed
there are no perturbation in stress and weight
smokers treated are calm and quiet
O² patch can be used alone or in addition with the 3 above methods. It can only major the positive effects of them

O² patch is a medical device; it is safe and efficace
the device has obtained the CE medical certificate, the free sale certificate from french Health ministry
and has worldwide patents (France, Germany, ...)

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