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Nonin Medical, Inc.

Nonin Medical launches capnography technology

Nonin Medical, Inc announced today US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the LifeSense® capnograph/pulse oximeter. LifeSense combines capnography and pulse oximetry into one easy-to-use device. The portable device is expected to be an industry leader for Nonin, who has over 20 years of medical device success with innovations such as the Onyx® fingertip and the Avant® 4000 Bluetooth® pulse oximeters.

Key features of LifeSense are its WIDESCREEN™ LCD display, portability and light weight. Nonin has made it easy for everyone to use the device even though capnography is a more complex technology. Like Nonin oximeters, the LifeSense capnograph comes equipped with Nonin’s proprietary PureSAT® technology. PureSAT enables accurate readings and rapid response time.

The LifeSense is intended for use in settings such as acute care, emergency medical services, intensive care units and during procedural sedation. Nonin also offers this capnography (EtCO2) technology to OEM (original equipment manufacturers) with the MaCO2 board. Capnography is recommended and listed in the recent JCAHO standards and guidelines as well as those of ACEP, AARC, AHA, ASA, AAP, and AAAPSF.

Last fall Nonin acquired the Swedish capnography technology company MedAir™. "The two companies share a commitment to innovative products that offer flexibility, comfort and effectiveness for quality patient care in a range of medical settings," said Sigvard Weisbjerg, Managing Director, MedAir. MedAir’s LifeSense capnography technology is a perfect compliment to Nonin’s existing lines of branded and OEM business.

Today’s medical community knows MedAir for its accurate and easy-to-operate capnography and pulse oximetry monitors. The LifeSense multi-parameter monitor, introduced in 2001, brought WIDESCREEN technology to hospitals across Europe and Southeast Asia. WIDESCREEN gives users one screen on which to adjust settings and view data. This unique feature makes LifeSense easy to use.

About Nonin Medical Inc. –
Minneapolis-based Nonin® Medical, Inc. a privately owned company specializing in the design and manufacture of physiological monitoring solutions, distributes its branded and OEM products to health and medical professionals in more than 125 countries. Since 1986, Nonin has developed a broad product line of pulse oximeters, capnographs, sensors, accessories and software for use by medical professionals. Its industry-leading capabilities in signal processing, sensor design and an innovative combination of features not available in competitive products are the foundation of its leadership in innovation.

About MedAir –
MedAir™ is a global innovator of WIDESCREEN capnography and pulse oximetry technology. MedAir AB, became a Nonin Medical, Inc Company in 2006 and is located in Delsbo, Sweden.