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Non-invasive Whole-body Analysis of Tomorrow

Comprehensive analysis of the energy status: selectively on a corporate level and ultrastructure or across systems. Alphaquant ® NILA systems enable the representation of the energetic status of the human organism. Organ and tissue structures can be displayed energetically to the molecular level and possible patho-morphological processes and toxification (heavy metals and other inorganic and organic toxins, catabolites from the intermediary metabolism, etc.) of the organism are able to be compared. An energetic harmony in cell communication means health. Impaired cellular processes and high entropy may be the beginning of pathological diseases.

Quantum Physics in Medicine
Quantum physics has opened a completely new perspective on the world . Even Albert Einstein was at the time of the conviction, and today we know that "everything vibrates". All objects, all matter and also the living body with its organs and ultrastructure until into the sub-molecular range represents on the energetical view a multidimensional and harmonically in response to the organism oscillating vibration body, in case of health. Even Albert Szent-Györgyi has pointed to the special role of polymeric semiconductors with energy, information-driven regulatory processes. According with the laws of quantum physics and the Global Scaling theory the human body is a quantum system from the smallest vibration and energy units that communicate with each other about such semiconductor polymers, analogue of receptor-ligand systems in chemistry. The higher the degree of order of the resonance pattern of such a system the better its "health". The lower the degree of order or the higher its entropy , the more obvious are conclusions about clinical diseases. While x-ray or ultrasonic display a different permeability in the respective tissues, alphaquant ® NILA-systems can record the respective tissues using different frequency spectra, that are associated to the specific structure and ultrastructure of the tissues (quantum entropy theory: T. Van Buschhoven 1980). alphaquant ® NILA-systems allow therapists to develop diagnostic and therapeutic suggestions based on such energy-based and frequency-based analysis.

Detecting correlations
alphaquant ® is a non-linear algorithmic analysis system (NILAS). This diagnostic method is particularly physiologically for living organisms because they are like all other biological systems also non-linear, but dynamic. Biological cybernetics deals with these permanent control and regulation processes, the organism reacts also with those above or below average on physical or chemical stimuli. Linear measuring systems come as often to their limits. Since all matter consist of mass, energy and information (bring into form), each organ system or organ, tissue, cell, chromosome, molecul ... each very own specific vibration pattern, which also reflect influences of environmental toxification, stress, radiation, bacteria , malnutrition or other deficiencies. As well as pathological processes each have their individual frequency diagram. From this fact conclusions about disorders can be made via comparison samples. The databases of the alphaquant ® NILA system feature a variety of comparison samples such entropy models from a pool of thousands of people tested . On spectral similarities can be identified which vibrations are assigned to which tissues or cells. Or which vibrations are assigned to energetically healthy and energetically disordered systems. Alphaquant ® NILA systems can emit via the body sensor individual vibrational pattern of specific organs and ultrastructure and detect faults on resonance patterns and compare them with its database of representative average nominal values of healthy organs. The deviations can be traced by trained therapists in the analysis reports with detailed meaningful relevance values. So correlations can be detected, which are even not or only very hard to see with conventional methods.

Disclaimer: Please note that the methods and systems, as well as their effects are presently not recognized from the scholar medicine.