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Newly Developed System for the Platelet Function Analysis

The Multiplate platelet function analyser, a newly developed system for the platelet function analysis, is presented. This system assesses effects of the anti platelet drugs Aspirin, Plavix and Reopro within 10 minutes using whole blood. Furthermore new research results show the applicability of this method for the quality control of platelet concentrates. The instrument allows parallel testing in 5 channels. The Multiplate includes an integrated Windows XP- based computer system for analysis and documentation. For enhanced precision and safer analysis the innovative single use test cuvette contains two sensors for a double measurement of the test signal. The Multiplate reagents trigger the platelet aggregation using collagen, arachidonic acid, ADP, ristocetine and thrombin-receptor activating peptide (TRAP-6). Due to the standardised test protocols and the possibility to adapt test variables by the user the Multiplate system is applicable for the routine analysis as well as for research applications.

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