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New technology for the Axiom Artis angiographic systems from Siemens

Improved image quality and optimal beam adjustment with Clear Technology

Siemens Medical Solutions (Med) introduced a new technology which further improves the image quality of the C-arm family Axiom Artis. The so-called Clear Technology enables Siemens to keep abreast of continuously increasing clinical requirements. Less image noise as well as optimal beam adjustment provide faster and more effective interventions and improved therapy for patients. The intelligent and automated adjustments made by the system allow the physician to fully focus on the treatment at hand.

Clear Technology is a new platform that focuses on two areas to optimize image quality: for one there is the so-called “intelligent optimization of the radiation parameters" prior to fluoroscopy and for the other there is image processing during fluoroscopy. During intelligent beam optimization, the system automatically considers the tilt angle of the C-arm and the position of the patient table to then compute the angle of incidence with respect to the patient. Simultaneously the simulated size and weight of the patient is calculated. These two parameters used in combination then ensure that the beam quality for fluoroscopy and acquisition is optimized and the best image quality is obtained.

Image processing occurs during fluoroscopy with a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second. With each frame the system reduces the image noise, automatically sets the brightness and contrast, adjusts the edge enhancement of the vessels and optimizes the magnification when using zoom mode, all in under a second. This allows for an increase in the visibility of organs and interventional tools, such as catheters, guide wires, and stents. Even the smallest of vessels are detected as fine and smooth structures. Extreme high resolution packages like 2K imaging can be added to this platform to even further enhance image quality.

Clear Technology was introduced at the ESC 2006 in connection with an Axiom Artis dBC, a bi-plane C-arm system with dual flat detectors. One of the additional packages ideal for cardiac pediatric interventions allows for bi-plane acquisition of 60 images per second – a considerable advantage in pediatrics for infants and their high heart rates.

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