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New option in the rehabilitation of stroke patients

The MOTOmed MovementTherapySystems of the RECK company, Betzenweiler/Germany are used by patients with neurological disorders (stroke, MS, TBI…). The MOTOmed viva2 now offers an interesting therapy completion in treatment and rehabilitation of stroke patients: the SymmetryTraining.

While the patient trains actively with own muscle strength, the visual feedback for the SymmetryTraining appears on the large screen of the operating panel.

By the use of the SymmetryTraining function, compensatory patterns can be specifically avoided through the MOTOmed Training (as the patient gets visual feedback about the activity of the left and right leg and can concentrate on training his/her weaker side). Additionally, the walking ability of the patient can be improved as the patient can train to apply and use the affected side consciously. Moreover, muscle strength can be built up and endurance can be improved by daily MOTOmed training.

More information about the MOTOmed and the SymmetryTraining are available at the “MEDICA 2006” in Düsseldorf / Germany (November 15 - 18, 2006) at booth C48, hall 4 of the company RECK-Technik GmbH & Co. KG or at


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