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New insole concept from Bauerfeind - Good going by foot - for everyday life, work and free time

Whether during active, everyday life, free time or playing sports – our feet withstand extreme pressures on a daily basis. The fact is, a vast majority of the population already suffers from foot problems. Therefore it is even more important to give feet the attention they deserve.

The 3-zone-insoles from Bauerfeind – TRIactive – were specially developed for the needs of active people and effectively support healthy walking.

People who are very active during the day or play sports regularly put more intensive demands on the feet and joints automatically. The resulting pressure and torsion forces can lead to early fatigue and pain.
The innovative insole concept from Bauerfeind works to prevent this. The Thuringen manufacturer of medical products has specifically oriented itself to the needs of active people. This modern insole combines three density zones with smooth transitioning and precisely positioned impact and relief zones. Through targeted and regulated shock absorption the apparatus for support and movement is protected, pressure pain is alleviated and muscle fatigue is delayed.

The 3-zone-insoles relieve effectively – for physical activity during everyday life and free time as well as competitive sports.
Depending on the type of sport and the related individual pressures, different zones of the foot require different insole functions. Therefore TRIactive is available in the versions “run” for running sports, “play” for ball sports and “walk” for everyday, work, hiking, walking and trekking. TRIactive run is specially designed for the always recurring impact and movement sequences in the landing, supporting and kick-off phases of running. For sports with quick direction changes, TRIactive play supports the foot during stopping and turning movements. TRIactive walk is specially adapted to walking and standing pressures.

Good going by foot every time – that reflects our new insole concept, through which physical performance is supported and foot comfort is increased.