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New and Improved Oratect® II Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device

Oratect® II Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device
The new and improved Oratect® II is a patented test device for the detection of drugs of abuse in oral fluids that provides a uniquely simple 1-step procedure. Collection and testing of the oral fluids are combined in a single step producing results within 8 minutes and eliminating bodily fluid handling by the administrator. The amount of sample volume required is reduced to 0.5 ml to accommodate donors with dry mouth. Oratect® II is designed to detect accurately 6 drugs including marijuana (THC), amphetamine, methamphetamine, cocaine, opiates, PCP or benzodiazepines. It provides better sensitivities for all drugs than the original Oratect®. Since parent THC and not its carboxylic acid metabolite (THCCOOH) is present in the mouth cavity, the device’s cut-off concentration for parent THC is reduced to 40 ng/ml to provide a longer detection window. Presumptive positive results are confirmed by sending the collection pad of the Oratect® II device in an included vial to a SAMHSA laboratory for GC/MS analysis.