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New Ultrasound Therapy Device SONIC Vital 2

The SONIC Vital 2 is a 2 channel small, portable and light-weight ultrasound device, ideal for physiotherapy clinics, hospital and home visits by a doctor.

Developed in co-operation with medical doctors, teachers and physiotherapists the SONIC Vital 2 offers optimised and quick usage. Its 60 programmes cover all indications that ultrasound is recommended for. Besides the integrated programmes one can also modify and store individual parameters under the program mode. By means of its clear keyboard, the rotation knob and its 6 digital displays, the SONIC Vital 2 shows in a glance the treatment time, selected program mode (pulsed or continuous), transmission of ultrasound in Watt and the average intensity in Watt/cm2. The device has an bad-contact control to optimeze the ultrasound therapy treatment.