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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

New Range of Medical-Grade Monitors from Brandon Medical

New Range of Medical Flat-Screen Monitors from Brandon Medical

Brandon Medical have announced the release of a new range of medical-grade flat-screen monitors for the operating theatre.

Being medical-grade these monitors are all tested to IEC60601 safety and performance standards. These are the EU directives responsible for governing “Medical Devices”, ensuring they are of high enough quality for patient monitoring / treatment / examination.

The monitors are exceptionally safe, using a relatively low voltage power supply (12V). This power supply is mounted in the ceiling (rather than the back of the monitor as is common) which removes any difficult to clean “loose” wiring running around the outside of the monitor casing.

The screen produces clear, high contrast, quick-response images with no visible time-lag. It can be easily configured to fit in with an existing hospital communications system supporting 6 different types of video input.

Brandon Medical offer a complete video system which they can integrate seamlessly into any hospital or treatment centre. The latest video compression technology can be used to stream surgery directly onto the internet and can even be saved onto recordable DVD for archiving.