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SLP Scientific Laboratory Products Ltd.

New Patented adhesives free EEG electrode

SLP is proud to reveal its new and patented Snap-IT ™ Self attaching EEG electrode

SleepSense® Snap-IT™ self attachment EEG electrode performs just like standard silver or gold cup electrodes, but its self-locking spring action eliminates the need to use Collodion, elastic straps or special pastes.

SleepSense® Snap-IT™ EEG electrode will provide a clean and stable signal for extended periods.

SleepSense® Snap-IT™ EEG electrodes share these advantages:

Very easy to use
No need for additional attachments or adhesives
Significant time saving during patient setup
Much more convenient for the patient
Clean and stable signal
Not for sale in the US (FDA approval pending)