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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

New Mobile Operating Theatre Light Launched

Galaxy Ultra 30 Mobile is the brand new mobile surgical light from Brandon Medical.

The most striking aspect of this new light is its reach. The unique design of the spring-arm has a centre of gravity specifically designed to give the light extended reach over an operating table. This allows a surgeon to operate from literally underneath the lamp head. This lamp provides the same ULTRA-high quality light as a ceiling mounted surgical light featuring shadowless performance, focus control, colour filtering and a UCV-friendly design.

This long arm is complemented by a smaller base. This smaller “footprint” reduces the trip-hazard encountered with traditional mobile lights, which often need large bases for stability, and allows easy, low inertia positioning by using anti-static double castor wheels.

The base is also home to an optional battery back-up system which can provide up to 3 hours run-time in the event of power loss. The batteries are equipped with a “quick-charge” facility for fast battery charging.

Other new and useful features include an ergonomic handle with integral cable tidy, making the luminare easy to push around and reducing trip hazards in the operating theatre. A sterilisable handle cover is also provided.

Nigel Davill, Technical Director of Brandon Medical, oversaw the development of this light – “….this is the most technologically advanced mobile operating light on the market today. We have really taken into account what surgeons told us was wrong with traditional mobile light design and kept this in mind throughout the entire development process.”