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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

New Medical Video Makes Archiving Easy

The new integrated medical video system from Brandon Medical offers a new way of archiving video which can save enormous amounts of time and effort.

Every operation which takes place in a theatre equipped with this new system is recorded in full – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that the surgeon does not have to pre-plan if a procedure is worth recording and interesting events that occur in day-to-day surgery are automatically captured.

This archiving is completely automated, taking the form of a “virtual loop” recording system. The recording loop can be as large as the hospital requires, a month being the typical length of time. Every video stream is automatically stored and archived at a secure location.

All the video records can be easily recalled by either entering the start and end times of the clip required or by using rapid scan to review the recordings. Recalled video clips can be recorded onto hard disk, CD-ROM or DVD-R for use by medical practitioners.

All video records are in a secure format that cannot be adulterated. This makes it an ideal audit tool to investigate incidents and it is admissible in a Court of Law as evidence to show proper procedures have been followed.

The system uses standard IT hardware for archiving and recall, making it a highly cost-effective tool for teaching and research.

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