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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

New Medical Camera Systems from Brandon Medical

Brandon Medical are pleased to announce the release of a new range of video camera systems for the operating theatre. Utilising SONY Professional technology, these cameras can offer market-leading performance and clarity without the lofty price tag normally associated with medical camera systems.

The cameras are suitable for all kinds of surgery, with a 18x optical zoom accommodating for small & intricate procedures. All units come with a new remote control unit for easy operation and control.

The cameras can be mounted on either their own individual ceiling arm or inside a Galaxy Ultra lamp head. When given their own arm, the cameras are easy to maneuver and position offering 360º head rotation for complete freedom in the operating theatre. This is achieved by running all connectors directly up through the arm.

Including the camera into the lamp head brings different benefits. The camera will always be pointed at the area where the light beam is most focused, removing the need to position the camera separately. It is popular to use this option in conjunction with a flat-screen monitor which can be mounted to the same ceiling fixing as the lamp head. This creates a single integrated lighting / recording / display unit.

Graeme Hall, Brandon Medical’s Managing Director, recently told us that “cameras are becoming central to modern surgical practices but until now have often been prohibitively expensive for some of the smaller hospitals. With the design of this new camera system we have made camera systems available to everyone”.