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Truphatek Int. Ltd.

New MR Compatible Equipment

Truphatek International Ltd. announces the launch of TRU-MR™, MR Conditional Laryngoscope Blades, Handles and Batteries.

This specially designed, lightweight, low-magnetic signature Fibre Optic laryngoscope system makes it possible for medical staff to safely and confidently carry out emergency and planned intubations within the MRI suite.

The Tru-MR™ is readily identifiable from all laryngoscopes in use elsewhere in the hospital. The distinct Gold and Black blade and handle design assures immediate recognition and significantly reduces the risk of incompatible equipment being used in the MRI suite and endangering staff and patients.

An additional hazard in the MRI environment is the use of incompatible batteries. The Tru-MR™ laryngoscope handle is uniquely designed to address this issue by ensuring that ordinary, non-MR compatible batteries will not operate the system. The Tru-MR™ laryngoscope will only light up when powered by Tru-MR™ MR Conditional batteries. In this way the danger of incompatible batteries being inadvertently used in the Tru-MR handle is eliminated, and MRI staff can trust their equipment to be safe and reliable.

Tru-MR™ laryngoscope blade, handle and battery sets are affordably priced at a fraction of the current products on the market. Budgetary considerations no longer need be a major obstacle to maintaining MR Conditional emergency equipment in or near the MRI suite.

The Tru-MR™ laryngoscope blade, handle and batteries have been tested by the world leader in MR testing, Shellock R&D Services, Inc., Los Angeles, CA. 50054, USA and have been screened for use even in proximity to the MR bore. Tru-MR™ has been demonstrated to be “MR Conditional” at 3-Tesla or less environment at the highest spatial gradient field of 720-Gauss/cm or less.