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New Approach of Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home

A new Blood pressure professional monitor called LARA PRO i.1001 will be introduced into markets at MEDICA 2005 by IDT FRANCE.

The new device will help cardiac patients to automatically monitor their BP during a cardiac crisis with more data, more accuracy,
helping a lot intensive care medical team when arriving at area.
In France or western countries, after the first moment of alert, emergency medical team usually arrives near patient in about 20mn.
During this delay, patient or the member of family only pushes on HEART button (or EMERGENCY button)of LARA Pro i.1001 to automatically monitor the BP of the cardiac patient.
About 15 complete data of BP (SYS-DIA-HR and date/time) will be measured and stored in the MEMORY of the device.
When medical team arrives, only need to push on MEMORY Button and the 15 BP data wil be automatically displayed on big LCD screen, offering to doctors the precious information about the values and the trend of patient BP during 20-30mn before their arrivals.

The INNOVATIVE function will save much time for an accurate and efficient IMEDIAT treatment to patient. The HEART Function has been internationally patented. The precision of LARA Pro has been validated according to AAMI protocols. Of HIGH QUALITY, LARA pro is noiseless and offers full accessories for normal and obese adults.

Beside of the precious, patented and innovative HEART function,
LARA Pro i.1001 works as a conventional automatic arm BP monitor.

LARA Pro i.1001 interests :
1. professional use to :
- avoid WHITE COAT phenomenon at anxious patient
- automatically monitor BP of cardiac patient in crisis
2. cardiac and HTA patients
to automatically monitor their BP in crisis in attending the arrivals of doctors

Price is reasonable for a maximum of innovations and usefullness

For more details, please contact
stand : HALL4, 4H26C