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Propper Manufacturing Com., Inc.

New 1.5 Miller Laryngoscope Blade

Propper Manufacturing Company has developed a new
version of fiber-optic laryngoscope for pediatric
practice – Miller style blade, size 1,5.
The blade has the same shape, construction,
materials and finish as the existing Propper
Miller laryngoscopes. We guarantee high quality
of the materials and apply our standard warranty.
The blade withstand steam autoclaving, Steris*
and Sterrad* procedures. The Miller 1.5 blade has
been developed according to ISO 7376-3 “Green
system” fiber-optic standard. It fits onto any
handle manufactured according to the standard,
which can be recognized by the green marking on
the laryngoscopes.

* Steris is a registered trademark of Steris
Corporation; Sterrad is a registered trademark of
Johnson & Johnson

Further information from:
Andrew Sharavara, PhD
Corporate Director of Product Management

Telephone: 1-718-392-6650 Email: