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Nautilus LIMS supports data base of UK Biobank

Thermo's Nautilus saves data of UK Biobank (photo: Thermo)

LANGENSELBOLD/PHILADELPHIA. Nautilus LIMS (laboratory information management systems) by German Healthcare Export Group-member Thermo Electron now tracks, stores and manages the biological data of 500,000 people for one of the largest medical research projects of UK Biobank.

This long-term national project plans to establish the most detailed information resource for medical researchers: Over a period of 30 years in the UK, 500,000 volunteers between the age of 40 and 69 will be asked to give blood and urine samples, have some standard measurements like blood pressure and complete a lifestyle questionnaire. With this large data base the impact of genetics, lifestyle and environment on health can be studied extensively.

Only approved researchers will be allowed to use data and samples to study the progression of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease for finding new ways of prevention and diagnosing.

To archive the large quantity of data given by the UK Biobank study, Nautilus is implemented into an automated system that receives samples, puts them into vessels for testing, analysis and storage and afterwards tracks and stores all data.

“Thermo’s experience serving the health sciences and pharmaceutical industries combined with the flexibility and adaptability of Nautilus made Nautilus the obvious choice for the data management of this massive project,” says Hemal Rajani, LIMS manager for UK Biobank. "Several decision-makers on the LIMS selection team had previous experience with Nautilus and feel confident it’s the best tool for this project.”

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