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Thought Technology

MyoTrac Infiniti – The Complete Physical Therapy Solution

Thought Technology, a Canadian-based medical equipment manufacturer, is pleased to introduce its newest physical therapy systems. The MyoTrac Infiniti and MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical provide the therapist and their clients with accurate and clear feedback tailored to their needs. The affordable devices integrate both SEMG biofeedback and electrical stimulation.

The MyoTrac Infiniti system measures high-resolution RMS surface electromyography (SEMG) signals, and delivers stimulation in a large number of configurations. The system incorporates user-definable biofeedback, stimulation, or EMG triggered stimulation, with easy to use display settings that give rapid control over treatment parameters. A touch screen graphics display allows for easy navigation, where progress can be viewed through bargraph scale, or line graphs, or conversely, heard through the rising or falling tonal pitch.

The MyoTrac Infiniti Clinical system provides all of the features of the MyoTrac Infiniti. In addition, the system includes a USB connection, BioGraph Infiniti software, and a specialized Rehabilitation Suite. This allows recording and replaying of patient sessions on a PC and the ability to download saved data from a compact flash.

MyoTrac Infiniti systems can be securely belt-worn, used from the desk, or comfortably hand-held for a variety of usage scenarios. It is the cutting edge in physical therapy rehabilitation. Thought Technology has provided these highly sensitive, portable systems for over thirty years. It is the world’s leading manufacturer of biofeedback equipment.