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Most specific and sensitive: Novel marker for Rheumatoid Arthritis

A number of studies demonstrated within the last years that the citrullination of arginine residues is a general motif in RA-specific antibody response: citrullin is a common epitope of RA-specific antibodies in a number of proteins like keratin, filaggrin or vimentin.

Anti-citrullinated protein antibodies (ACPA) have been established as the most specific serological marker antibodies for RA. They are particularly useful in early arthritis.

Commercially available ELISA tests have adopted this property for serological detection based on coating with citrullinated peptides.
It was demonstrated that the reaction with the antibodies does not require the complete citrullinated proteins but only the citrullin residues.

As antibodies of RA patients always react with all sorts of citrullinated peptides and proteins occurring in the body, it was an obvious idea to develop ELISA tests based on synthetic citrullinated peptides.

AESKU.DIAGNOSTICS succeeded in developing a novel ELISA test, AESKULISA® RA/CP Detect, using synthetic citrullinated peptides of human immunoglobulin G for coating.

The assay is a most sensitive and specific serological approach to the diagnosis of RA, combining the high specificity of the citrullin antigen with the sensitivity of a rheumatoid factor ELISA test.

Showing comparable sensitivities and specificities AESKULISA® RA/CP Detect is an adequate and cost-effective alternative to the known CCP ELISA tests.