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Branan Medical Corporation

Monitect® Buprenorphine 5 ng/mL Urine Drug Screen

Monitect® Buprenorphine 5 ng/mL Drug Screen Cassette

Irvine, CA – September 21, 2005 - Branan Medical Corporation announces the launch of Buprenorphine* 5 ng/mL urine drug screen test, the newest addition to the Monitect® drug screen cassette product line. The Monitect® drug screen cassette is a simple, one-step, chromatographic immunoassay test providing onsite visual qualitative results.

Studies worldwide have demonstrated the effectiveness of Buprenorphine compared to Methadone in both maintenance and detoxification programs for opiate addiction. An independent European evaluation of 300 known positive Buprenorphine samples tested with Monitect® Buprenorphine 5 ng/mL drug screen showed 100% correlation with GC/MS results.

This product is supplied with 25 devices per box and is available through your local distributor.

Branan Medical Corp is a leading manufacturer of drugs of abuse testing kits. It is a US company located in Irvine, CA.

*Available for sale outside the U.S. only.