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MRC Mobile Research Center

Mobile solution to simplify documentations in hospitals

According to studies, health professionals spend most of their time not for the treatment of patients but for the documentation of their work and for communication with other occupational groups involved. The Mobile Research Center (mrc) of the federal state of Bremen is now presenting a mobile solution to solve this problem: a “wearable documentation and communication assistant” which allows recording of patient data and authorising of subsequent treatments during the ward round at the patient’s bedside. Revision and additional consultation are reduced to a minimum, and mistakes are avoided. The time saved can actually result in an increased quality of the treatment. This is achieved by a wearable-computingsystem which is wirelessly connected to a bedside based infrastructure and a mobile terminal carried by the healthcare staff. The physician is equipped with a RFID scanner, a motion sensor placed in an interaction wristband and with a headset. The RFID technology is used for identification of the patients and the physicians. In combination with wireless cross linking, this allows for bedside access to patient data. The physician is able to feed or read information using a non contact gesture device. Another gesture activates a headset for voice recording. An upgrade of this demonstration uses the close range between physicians and nursing staff by means of mobile technology to simplify necessary authorisation of further medication. This example demonstrates that integration of further means of documentation – e.g. a camera to document the healing – is possible.

This mobile solution was developed during the EUproject wearIT@work, which is the worlds largest project on wearable-computing to support mobile work processes.