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Energy-Lab Technologies GmbH

Mobile ECG for the practice - the homeviport event recorder

viport event recorder, a further development of the mini-ECG viport,is launched at MEDICA 2006. The equally small device, weighing a mere 130 g, provides a three-lead measurement of all the patient’s classical ECG parameters. A new feature is that doctor and patient can see the ECG curve in real time on the built-in colour display. A save option allows the doctor to store the readings in the computer system and – using new software – to print out and measure the ECG curve. As in the case of viport, the results are displayed as a three-dimensional colour heartportrait. In addition, the current status of heart rate, rhythm and Cardio Stress Index (CSI) are displayed quickly and in a form that even the lay user can easily understand.
viport event recorder gives cardiac patients and those at risk even more safety and peace of mind in their everyday life. The device enables these patients to measure their ECG and the variability of their heart rate any time. Bluetooth technology means that the plotted data can be transmitted telemedically.
The research and development team at the Hamburg company Energy-Lab Technologies GmbH has packed a lot of technology into the little device: three-lead ECG, ECG measurement, real time ECG curve direct to an in-built colour display, high resolution and thus optimum quality for the ECG curve, storage of up to 20 sets of data, data transmission via Bluetooth.