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Miele: Increased Safety in Machine-Based Instrument Processing

At Medica 2005, Miele will be presenting some innovative ideas which, in future, will increase the safety of machine-based instrument processing.
In machine-based instrument processing, good cleaning and disinfection results can only be achieved when rotation of spray arms takes place within a clearly defined tolerance range. Therefore in future, rotation of each individual spray arm in the cabinet will be monitored and documented to increase process safety, as the Miele model on display at Medica will illustrate.
Unwanted chemical residue in wash liquor (for example residual chemicals) can have a negative effect on instrument processing. That is why users must be made aware of the presence of unwanted chemicals. At the trade fair, Miele will be presenting the prototype of a completely maintenance-free conductivity monitoring system with which chemical residue in wash liquor can be identified.
The future prEN ISO 15883 European standard requires independent volumetric monitoring of process chemicals. On this subject, Miele will be presenting a technological concept with which cleaning agents can be measured extremely accurately – independent of the respective viscosity of the products dispensed and ambient temperature.
Error messages on washer-disinfectors are making visits from service technicians more and more superfluous (call avoidance). In future, Miele machines can be equipped with a remote service module which provides service technicians with access via data transmission. This makes fault diagnosis and software updates possible within a very short space of time anywhere in the world.

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