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MicroStop® Mini Set

Small is great as well!

The forthcoming Medica will also see KLS Martin’s new sterile container and tray system presented to the public for the first time. Our “small & low-cost” sterile con-tainers OF* (*without filter!) in their “new form of safety and efficiency” are now available. This is great news for anyone who needs to have small sets of instruments or small, delicate instruments available in sterile condition day and night – e.g. in out-patient departments or in the private practices of general practitioners, medical specialists or dentists. A system that gives you perfect safety and saves you real money!

Our mini-set sterile containers incorporate the MicroStop® life-time sterile barrier, whose service life is guaranteed over the entire life of the container. The aluminum container box with its light-weight and rugged design plus the thermostable, impact-resistant, dimensionally stable and color-fast plastic container lid constitute a perfect unit designed for durability.

Needless to say, suitable mini-set trays made of stainless steel are also available to enable you to load the mini-set sterile containers most efficiently. Thus, delicate instruments (as used in microsurgery, ophthalmology, ENT, etc.) can be properly and safely stored, organized, secured and processed in these trays – with optimum protection for your valuable instruments! Additional accessories – such as mini-set wire-mesh trays, spring frames or logistics components – are available for this innovative system as well.