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Medic4all's Telemedicine System Granted FDA Approval


Wednesday, October 10, 2006, Zug, Switzerland - Medic4all has today announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted a 510(k) approval to its telemedicine system (VMS-01™), the VMS-01™ is intended to collect and transmit physiological information, such as glucose levels, via standard telephone lines or the Internet to local or remote computer systems for use by the patient or a healthcare professional.
Medic4all's telemedicine system is commercially available.

Medic4all's FDA approved VMS-01™ telemedicine system comprises of the MedicGate™ that collects the measured medical parameter from the patient's monitoring device and transmits the data over a telephone line (PSTN) to a measurement remote access server (MRAS), the MRAS can receive measurements simultaneously from multiple MedicGate™ devices via telephone lines and stores them in a database. The monitoring center workstation application (MOC) uses the information in the database to analysis and displays the patient's complete medical record to the healthcare operator. The patient's medical record is also available over the Internet in a secure web medical file (MWS) for access by the patient or used by his physician. The MWS is a multilingual electronic medical record (EMR) which permits viewing and downloading of a patient's collected medical measurements, including pathologies, allergies, images and other data. The MWS also features a video conferencing between the patient and the medical monitoring center operator.

“Having the FDA approval for the VMS-01™ system is the culmination of more than four years of research into the needs of homecare services and diseases management programs that target the "Baby boomers" healthcare growing needs,” said Doron Korman, president of Medic4all group. “With the worldwide growing costs of healthcare, our technology and services platforms offer tools for providing homecare services to patients at their own environment anytime and anywhere, thus reducing the pressure on the healthcare organizations. Medic4all's vision is to facilitate an efficient delivery of healthcare solutions worldwide.”