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Medex Screen Ltd.

Medex Screen Ltd.- Screening Your Health

Medex Test screens for early determination of internal organ disorders
Noninvasive, radiation-free device measures changes in electric skin resistance of dermato-visceral zones.

Medex Test, a non-invasive, radiation-free and painless device that detects disorders of internal organs and systems, has received CE certification and is now being offered to the European market. The Windows-based device, which detects changes in the electrical skin resistance of dermato-visceral zones, has been used by physicians and private clinics in Israel for several years, where it has also undergone extensive clinical testing.

The principal advantages of Medex Test are:
• Non-invasive, radiation free and painless
• Short testing time of about 20 minutes
• High sensitivity and accuracy
• No patient preparation required
• Only passive patient cooperation required
• Distinguishes between pathological and functional impairment
• Determines disease severity level
• Monitors treatment efficiencies
• Short practitioner training period
• Fully portable

Medex Test was designed for family physicians, insurance companies and private internal medicine clinics. At a time of increasingly constrained national healthcare budgets, it provides an alternative approach that is fast, efficient and economical. Medex Test screens for cardiovascular, gastroenterological, hepatic, immune, respiratory, endocrine,
genito-urinary and spinal chord function.

Medex Test exploits a well-known biological phenomenon: Due to different physiological and pathophysiological processes within the object (cells/tissues/internal organs), changes occur to the inter/extra cellular balances of ions, fluids, metabolic substances, neuropeptides and inflammatory mediators. These imbalances provoke electrical impedance changes in the object and transfer the electrical impulses with abnormal potential to the spinal cord and metamer. Medex Test measures the differences of impedance and potential from an internal organ that may be registered in several dermatome-visceral zones inside and outside the same metamer.

Medex Test was developed by Medex Screen Ltd., a company founded in 1999 with the support of the Chief Scientist’s Office of the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade. The company has acquired several certifications, including certification by the Israeli, Australian and Korean Ministries of Health, EC certification, ISO 13485:2003, and ISO 9002 for manufacturing, distribution and inspections, and is now working to acquire FDA approval.
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Clinical results

Medex Screen has already conducted several clinical studies in large Israeli hospitals.

• Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, University of Tel Aviv, Department of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases.
1. Gastrotest is highly effective screening tool for certain pathologies of digestive organs, such as cancer and polyps of the colon, peptic disease and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Moreover, Gastrotest is capable of distinguishing between digestive pathologies and control patients.
Group Medex Test results
Colon tumors (cancer and polyps) 69% – 39 out of 57 patients
Peptic disease (duodenal ulcer) 80% – 16 out of 20 patients
IBS 90% – 27 out of 30 patients
Control group 90% – 63 out of 70 persons
Average sensitivity 79.7%
Average specificity 90%
Average accuracy 84.8%

2. Electrohepatography demonstrates a highly accurate screening of common liver diseases, such as viral hepatitis C and B, fatty liver and cirrhosis with high sensitivity and specificity. Additionally, the device can determine the level of liver damage.
Sensitivity 87.5% – 98 out of 112 liver patients
Specificity 90.7% – 78 out of 86 control persons
False positive 9.3% – 8 out of 86 control persons
False negative 12.5% – 14 out of 112 liver patients
Total accuracy 88.9% – 176 out of 198 persons
Determination of level of liver damage 80.6% – 50 out of 62 persons after liver biopsy

• Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, University of Tel Aviv, Department of Internal Medicine.
The study results show that in hospitalized patients the main/major organ-system involvements were correctly diagnosed by Medex Test
System/organ damages Sensitivity
Cardiovascular system 85.3% – 87 out of 102 cases
Respiratory system 80.6% – 29 out of 36 cases
Gastrointestinal organs 81.1% – 30 out of 37 cases
Genito-urinary organs 74.2% – 26 out of 35 cases
Total sensitivity 82% – 172 out of 210 cases

Medex Screen is currently conducting multinational clinical trials that aim to show the efficacy of Medex Test in detecting cardiac, respiratory, immune, endocrinal, urological, gynecological, spinal and digestive pathologies including screening for internal organ carcinomas.