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Making the Case for Single Use - a Budget Holder's Guide

Don’t let cash controls prevent you doing the right thing on infection control

Hardly a day goes by without MRSA or vCJD featuring in the health news. Increased public awareness and fear of cross-infection show why decontamination and cleanliness remain a top priority for all those working at the coal face of surgical care.

Those front line troops in the fight against dirty instruments are often keen to switch to single use products but cite budget availability as the key block to making the change. Establishing a new budget for products – no matter how beneficial they are for patient care - can be a lengthy process involving detailed examination of each proposal often with the final decision made by someone without clinical qualifications.

By ignoring the proven benefits for patients, it is easy to view disposable instruments as a one-off payment with no positive financial effects. But a closer examination of the facts show that making the change to single use can lead to a revenue increase. Between 8% and 10% of beds in the UK are occupied with those recovering from Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI). Making the change to single use can cut infections thereby freeing up bed capacity for revenue generating procedures. Changing to single use and reducing HAI is not only better for patients and staff morale but also for waiting lists and hospital finances.

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