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Major Innovation in haematology diagnosis by REACTIFS RAL

REACTIFS RAL is happy to announce a major innovation in haematology diagnosis.

MCD Reagents for haematology are an alternative to May-Grünwald Giemsa staining for medullary and blood smears.

Staining in haematology is essential to decide on the diagnostic orientation when pathologies are suspected; this classical technique has just been re-invented by Réactifs R.A.L with the MCD (Micro Chromatic Detection) concept.

MCD staining reagents are designed to meet the requirements of modern medical laboratories subject to efficiency, profitability, traceability and staff safety concerns.
These reagents are as well adapted to innovative image analysis technologies, as to usual methods.

MCD reagents for heamatology have an exclusive formulation. They are ready to use and strictly non-toxic (they contain NO methanol).
Moreover, they are very easy to rinse, and exclude any form of potential precipitation, a common malfunctioning factor with most staining instruments.

MCD products allow a very high-quality, distinguishable and reproducible cell staining. They can be used manually as well as with automated instruments.

These new stains have been patented and approved by prominent French Hospital Centers.
They will be available for sale as from 2007 under the name of MCDh (Micro Chromatic Detection for haematology).