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MLS Therapy Devices

ASA presents the new devices for MLS Therapy: MIX5 for Target Area fixed pointing applications; M6 for Multitarget robotized applications.
In particular, Multitarget emission offers some important advantages compared with traditional scanning emission: less energy dispersion and more homogeneous coverage of the treated area.
The side of the light cone produced by the Multitarget M6 is less inclined where compared to the one of the laser beam in the traditional scanning devices. This implies a lower energy dispersion due to reflection and scattering.
Target area “greek key” motion, realized thanks to the robotized movement of M6, allows a more homogeneous coverage of treated area.
At Medica ASA presents also the new MLS handpiece: an absolute novelty.

MLS (Multiwave Locked System) Therapy is based on the transfer of quality energy to tissues.
The specific MLS pulse transfers to damaged tissues readily available energy packets (quality energy) thus activating photochemical and photobiological processes which restore the cell equilibrium without any side effect.
MLS Therapy produces a strong therapeutic effect both on acute and chronic inflammatory processes, inducing at the same time an intense analgesic effect which gives the patient immediate relief. It is particularly effective on muscle and tendon pathologies.
The MLS therapy’s distinguishing feature is the synchronized emission of various wavelengths. The synchronous combination of two emission modes (continuous and pulsed wave) ensures that the correct amount of energy is delivered and that Laser radiation penetrates deep down.
The synchronous association of the two modes therefore offers an unbeatable synergetic effect in the therapy field. It has even been scientifically demonstrated that using MLS can actually boost the analgesic effects typical of the pulsed wave and anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous effects typical of the continuous wave.
The MLS waveform does not lose its homogeneity over time whilst it is extremely complex, being the result of synchronous overlapping of different pulses. With MLS, therefore, the target tissue is progressively stimulated without being subject to habituation. The quality energy delivered by the patented system makes MLS therapy a recommended option in treating myopathies in general.

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