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MEDICA 06’ Innovations: FlowAnalyser ArtLine

The FlowAnalyser is now available in three Swiss themes: the Matterhorn, Swiss Cheese & Swiss Flag. Each FlowAnalyser ArtLine is individually hand-painted by a Swiss artist - guaranteeing uniqueness. Your FlowAnalyser ArtLine is signed and numbered as a limited edition series. The ArtLine models are only available while supplies last so purchase your FlowAnalyser ArtLine today!

FlowAnalyserTM ArtLine Details:
• Purchase your FlowAnalyser ArtLine as a PF-300, PF-301 VAC or PF-302 LOW
• Unique Design - award winning FlowAna-lyser technology guaranteed
• 3 motifs available: Matterhorn, Swiss Cheese, Swiss Flag
• Limited edition series
• Available only while supplies last