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United Biotech, Inc.

Leishmania & Chagas ELISA diagnostic device

United Biotech, Inc. (UBI) has developed Leishmania (IgG & IgM) and Chagas (IgG & IgM), Protein C, Protein S and Alpha Thalassemia etc.

Leishmania and Chagas diseases have infected 160 million and 16 million people worldwide. UBI's ELISA product can detect 96 patient samples in less than 90 minutes.

UBI's ELISA Protein C and Protein S has been newly developed and is now available.

UBI's ELISA for Alpha Thalassemia can be used to detect at patients with blood disorder disease which is common in Asia such as China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc.

Please contact us for more informaion at: info@unitedbiotech.com or visit us at: www.unitedbiotech.com