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Legionella CYE Agar Base

Legionellosis is a bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Legionella pneumophila that may cause mild respiratory illness or pneumonia. The disease appears to be spread through the air from a soil or water source. Legionella bacteria are widely distributed in our environment: in creeks and ponds, water taps, water tanks, water in air conditioning cooling towers and evaporative condensers, and soil at excavation sites.

Legionellosis is difficult to diagnose since it often causes symptoms similar to those caused by other organisms. CONDA would like to draw attention to Legionella CYE Agar Base (1311), which alongside Legionella CYE Growth Supplement (Cat. Nº 6022) and Legionella GVPC Supplement (Cat. Nº 6025), is especially designed for isolating and identifying Legionella spp.

This medium allows the isolation of most of Legionella and it is intended for the control of water samples. The first thing you notice of these plates is their black colour due to the presence of active carbon in their composition. The carbon absorbs the toxics within the yeast extract which in turn modifies the tension on the medium’s surface. Furthermore, the black colour makes it easy to identify Legionella colonies since these possess a grey-blue colour which eventually turns to a white one with pink edges.

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