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Kobusch-Sengewald extends PVC-free production range

PVC-free: the four-side seal bag made by Kobusch-Sengewald

Kobusch-Sengewald, producer of speciality packaging solutions, has extended its wide product range of PVC-free Propyflex® infusion bags with the introduction of a four-side seal bag. The company will present this new addition to the range at the MEDICA Trade Fair.

This innovation is a new development of the existing PVC-free Propyflex® bags which are top and bottom sealed. This new four-side seal bag is designed to offer the customers enhanced pack integrity. It is available in the dimensions 100 ml (120 x 140 mm), 250 ml (135 x 160 mm) and 500 ml (135 x 220 mm).

Unlike most infusion bags Propyflex® bags are PVC-free yet still combine most of the properties of the PVC equivalent. Propyflex® is soft, transparent and collapses entirely when the bag is emptied, so that no air can penetrate into the bag, which could contaminate the infusion inside.

Like for like, infusions packed in Propyflex® bags will benefit from the superior water vapour barrier of Propyflex® compared to those of PVC. Moreover, Propyflex® remains neutral to the medical fluids contained in the bags. Typically, Propyflex® bags use thinner material than bags made from PVC. Disposal costs can therefore be reduced substantially. Kobusch-Sengewald offers Propyflex® as pre-made bags as well as flat and tubular film for the production on customer's machines.