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IDT France

KALM Patch against Pain: What's New?

KALM patch from IDT France is a compact electronic patch
whose micro-current is especialized to relieve pain of muscle and of articulation.
Its efficiency is quick and stable during time for thousands and thousands patients, mainly elders.
Until now, KALM patch is being advised and used in moderate pain without disformation of articulations.

The medical team of IDT France has extended the application of KALM patch in grave osteoarthritis with loosing of mobility of fingers of hands, due to grave pain and oedema (see picture 1).

Patients over 70 years have tested the medical device
about 30mn a day and during a month.
KALM patch has been applied on finger's articulation; area of oedema and disformation. (see picture 2)

After a month of treatment by KALM patch,
we have noted the recovering of the functionning of the hand
and patients can use easely the hand without pain.
The results are encourageous as the common pathology would become grave as often elders suffer the degenerative osteoarthritis with progressive loosing of functionning of the hand without simple and quick solution.
From now, KALM patch would be a new medical tool for such common pathology.There is no medicine to take or use.

KALM patch is a medical device
that has the CE 0434 medical certificate, replying to the 93/42/EEC european regulation
KALM patch has also the FREE SALE CERTIFICATE from AFSSAPS (french Health Ministry- for as save device and for the sales into CE and out CE markets

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