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Joseph Almog Honoured for His Forensic Work

Prof. Joseph Almog with one of his
gadgets; © Hebrew University

The honouree currently works at the Casali Institute of Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He will receive the Lucas Medal later this month at the International Association of Forensic Sciences conference in Hong Kong. It will be presented there by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, the largest organisation in this field in the world.

Almog made his name in the forensic science community mainly in the research and development of new reagents for the chemical development of latent fingerprints. Other topics on which he worked in depth are the detection and identification of explosives and the development of field diagnostic tests for forensic work. Under his guidance, a number of diagnostic field devices have been created and became invaluable tools in crime investigations.

Many of his research projects were carried out in collaboration with crime laboratories in other countries, including the U.S., Canada, the UK, Switzerland, Finland, India, Japan and Australia. He has published over 50 articles on forensic science topics in leading journals in the field.

Almog has been a pioneer in forensic science education in Israel, and many who have studied and worked under his guidance have become leaders in their own fields. Recently he has been appointed head of the scientific committee for counterterrorism technologies for Israel's National Security Council.

Receipt of this medal is a special honour for the State of Israel in general and the Israel Police in particular, said an Israel Police spokesman. His work earned a worldwide reputation for the Israel Police in forensic science, which the police still maintain and which they continue to further, the spokesman added.; Source: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem