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IsoLux llc

IsoLux Partners with LuxteL

IsoLux llc is partnered with LuxteL llc to form the only vertically integrated medical illumination company harnessing xenon (6000ºK day light for true color rendition) in the market place. Through a combination of technical excellence, superior quality and innovative design IsoLux llc is able to offer:
• Illuminators from 100 to 300 watt which are compact with a Rotating Turret
• Fiber Cables: Endoscopic 5 mm and Headlight Bifurcated 3.5 mm with Universal terminations
• Headlight optics with 90º and 150º declination, variable 10-110 mm spot size
• Video Camera mounted on headlight
• Xenon Lamps for all Illuminators