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Brandon Medical Co. Ltd.

Integrated Medical Video from Brandon Medical

The Components of Integrated Medical Video

Brandon Medical have announced the launch of new theatre camera suite to complement their new flat-screen monitors and medical video cameras.

This software allows the entire theatre camera system to operate over a hospitals existing communications network removing the need for expensive stand-alone equipment. The video feed uses video-over-IP technology (the same protocols used to transfer information over the internet) combined with advanced MPEG4 compression to provide high quality images.

The software itself is designed to run on any standard Windows PC. The split-screen view option allows a surgeon to monitor video feeds from every camera in the theatre simultaneously as well as re-winding certain feeds and playing them back in real-time. This allows you to monitor the live feed whilst also looking at what has happened previously.

The feeds from this software can all be made available over the hospital intranet. Senior surgeons can monitor procedures from anywhere using this system, they can even dial into the intranet from an external location if necessary. These surgeons can communicate with the operating team using the latest in-theatre microphones.

The new system also includes medical-grade dome cameras mounted in the theatre ceiling. This allows the movements of the entire operating team to be monitored and recorded alongside the other camera feeds.

As well as improving clinical monitoring and review this new system benefits teaching hospitals. The software is easily installable on a lecture theatre’s PC, allowing the lecturer to show live procedures and to retrieve archived surgical procedures. All this can be done over standard IT networks using standard computer equipment.

This new approach to medical video makes it cost effective to provide medical video to all who want it.