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Innovation: TARC/CCL17 Immunoassay Kit

Shionogi integrates pharmaceutical technology and diagnostic technology to provide customers with solution that best fits their requirements.
With one of core products in diagnostic activity, Shionogi offers a novel allergy test called TARC/CCL17 that clearly change according to the severity of atopic dermatitis(AD).
TARC/CCL17 can present sufficient guidance as for a useful clinical marker for guideline-based treatment of AD because antiallergic drug, tacrolimus, and steroid drug decrease TARC/CCL17 levels in accordance with improvement of AD and suppress TARC/CCL17 production by cultured cell of AD patients.
Further partnership between Shionogi and you can improve the quality of life through TARC/CCL17 program (promotion, sales and distribution in your territory).

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