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In Touch with Patients

Patient Bedside Entertainment and Communication Terminal

Patient well being and satisfaction is an increasingly important consideration in terms of benchmarking hospital performance. Measuring quality of care is not just restricted to clinical care, it also includes quality of life and the entire patient experience during a hospital stay.

Hospitals are dedicated to providing a service that is shaped around the needs of the patient whilst still hitting targets for efficiency, productivity and performance. IT, communications and entertainment facilities that are available to both clinical staff and patients is a crucial factor in meeting these objectives and hitting targets. Modern IT systems make a significant impact on improved efficiency and productivity, and bring tangible benefits to both clinical staff and patients.

One innovative new IT & communications initiative that has made an enormous impact is the introduction of individual bedside display terminals. The ZEVO bedside terminal is a complete, integrated, hardware and software solution providing clinical access to hospital systems, as well as a complete package of patient entertainment, communication and education services.

The ZEVO, developed by hardware manufacturer Trident, and software developer Lincor, is an integrated PC terminal which features a 15” flat-panel touchscreen, smart card reader and telephone handset. The system is linked to the hospital’s network and IT infrastructure via an IP connection and is designed specifically for the hospital environment; it is easy to clean and fanfree to aid infection control. Audio is provided through headphones which minimise disruption to other patients and external peripherals can be connected via Bluetooth, WIFI or USB ports. There are a number of payment methods for services including the use of smartcards that are purchased at vending machines within the hospital.

Trident’s ZEVO bedside terminal, running Lincor’s Medivista software solution, provides clinicians with secure, NHSIA approved, real time access to hospital IT applications and Electronic Patient Records. This allows doctors to share lab results, x-ray and scan results, and diagnostic reports with the patient at their bedside. Medical staff are able to create, implement and document care plans in real time and in conjunction with the patient, making the patient feel more involved in their care. Furthermore, productivity levels are increased as less time is spent on paperwork following ward rounds; medication management and documentation at the point-of-care reduces risks of error thereby improving accuracy levels. System access security is managed via a smart card system providing restricted levels of access to the hospital’s IT networks.

Patients can keep in touch with family and friends with individual VoIP telephone and email access. Bedside entertainment is provided for the patient though television & radio, on-demand movies, internet, talking books and games which are chosen and controlled by patient. Not only does this result in an improved patient experience, it also frees up nurses time to concentrate on clinical duties instead of taking messages for patients via the ward phone.

The system also provides benefits in improving internal hospital communication procedures. Patients can access hospital services such as menu selection and hospital information as well as health education or behaviour change videos and programmes which can be crucial to their long term recovery. The patient is able to provide vital feedback on service and levels of satisfaction via online satisfaction surveys.

This Trident / Lincor bedside solution has already been deployed under the NHS Patient Power project, whose aim is to provide a personal bedside TV and telephone service to every major hospital in the UK. Trident and Lincor have partnered with Patient Power licence holder Premier Telesolutions Ltd. to deliver a custom solution that has reduced staff workloads and positively improved the patient experience.

In an environment where performance is continually being measured and employees are working ever harder to implement and adhere to new procedures, it is important to implement practical solutions that really can deliver tangible benefits to both patients and staff. The ZEVO directly helps to improve clinical care, relieve staff workload and positively improve the patient experience and has a positive impact on efficiency, productivity and performance.