"If silence is dangerous" – International Patient Safety Day 2017 -- MEDICA - World Forum for Medicine

"If silence is dangerous" – International Patient Safety Day 2017


Bild: Doctor is holding a patient's hand; Copyright: panthermedia.net/luckybusiness

Studies show: Poor communication damages our health. This year’s International Patient Day wants to point that fact under the topic "If silence is dangerous"; © panthermedia.net/luckybusiness

Topic of the Month

Bild: Different medical symbols are seen like on a screen. A hand wearing a white glove taps on a symbol; Copyright: panthermedia.net/everythingposs

Networked healthcare – Apps and co.


Bild: Doctor at laptop; Copyright: panthermedia.net/perig76

New E-Health Act: "Patients have control over their data"


Bild: Hand of a person in the hospital bed, next to the call button; Copyright: panthermedia.net/bignai

Being safe: electronic call systems for hospitals


Bild: boy lies in a hospitalbed and is looking up to a doctor whose hand lies on the boy's shoulder; Copyright: panthermedia.net/spotmatikphoto

"Always be honest" – How to communicate with critically ill children