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Integrated Technologies Ltd.

ITL partners with QuantuMDx to further develop the Q-POC™ handheld lab for 15 minute DNA-based diagnosis


The QuantuMDx Q-POC™ System

QunatuMDx staff in lab The Q-POC™ system comprises a medical device and accompanying disposable cartridges and will provide accurate molecular diagnostic results in 10-15 minutes. The Q-POC™ has a wide range of applications from the detection of infectious diseases such as Tuberculosis and Malaria to Cancer profiling.

The QuantuMDx vision is set to revolutionise disease monitoring, enabling what co-founder Jonathan O’Halloran calls ‘The Internet of Life™’.

A recent press release marking the launch of their first prototype at TEDMED2014 said:

“Thousands of Q-POC™ devices worldwide will use anonymized disease data to create an early warning system which will contribute to the prevention of pandemics, as well as the containment and management of drug resistance.”
Device and Cartridge Development Project

QuantuMDx product development at ITLThe first phase of this product development project will involve ITL’s engineers working with QuantuMDx and their partners to refine some of the critical elements of the product.

The ultimate aim is to produce a batch of more advanced prototypes to be used for further testing and development and eventually to evolve the current prototype into a product that can be manufactured in volume. The project team will be made up of a multidisciplinary team of electronics, software, hardware and systems engineers.

Alongside the development of the device, ITL will also use their knowledge and experience in disposable design and microfluidics to aid in the development of the bespoke disposable cartridge.
Two Other Major Contracts

The project comes alongside two other major contracts. The first, a £1m manufacturing contract for the DySIS Medical cervical Cancer diagnostic device and the other a £1m+ development and manufacturing project for an endoscopic surgery system.

This is set to be a successful year for ITL; we have recently expanded our workforce in anticipation of further increases in demand in both R&D and manufacturing.
Ian McCutcheon, R&D Manager at ITL said:

“Integrated Technologies Ltd is thrilled to be a part of such a cutting edge project, the results of which could change the lives of people in the developed and developing world by providing disease diagnosis and monitoring across the globe.”
Jonathan O’Halloran, Co-founder and CSO at QuantuMDx added:

“We have developed and refined our technology vision over the past 7 years and are thrilled that ITL have agreed to be our development partners. It is reassuring to know that this project is in such safe hands as we work together to deliver my vision of portable networked molecular diagnostics.