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InterComponentWare AG (ICW)

ICW Hospital Networking Solution Optimizes Access to Patient Data

Walldorf, April 4, 2007 – The hospital networking solution of eHealth specialist InterComponentWare AG (ICW) provides hospital physicians with faster and specific access to their patients’ medical data due to the optimization of access rights to its Virtual Medical Record. The new features allow doctors to access patient data at the proper time according to their involvement in the treatment process.

Only the attending hospital doctors and nurses involved in the treatment of an individual patient have full access to a patient’s data at any given time.

In order to ensure that doctors who are only incrementally involved in a patient’s treatment have relevant information available to them, the automatic and manual allocation of access rights to the virtual medical record have been improved. The attending hospital physician can authorize a specialist, who is only temporarily involved in a patient’s care, to access particular data in the patient’s virtual medical record by manually extending the access rights.

In emergencies, on-duty physicians are able to access all virtual medical records in the system by using a special emergency access function and a personal password. Thus, all doctors who are involved in the treatment process can gain appropriate access to patient data. A detailed log of the records that have been accessed is maintained to prevent any potential abuse.

hospital networking solution connects existing, but previously isolated hospital information systems, without having to replace the software in use.