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Ansell Healthcare Europe N.V.

HydraSoft® Coating Technology At Display On The Ansell Stand

Brussels, August 18th, 2005 – Ansell Healthcare , the global leader in hand protection solutions, announces the launch of HydraSoft®, an innovative hydrating coating technology for surgical gloves. Designed to retain moisture and rehydrate users’skin during use, HydraSoft® has been specifically developed for surgeos’hands, to help maintain the skin’s natural barrier function.
Composed of neutral, odourless ingredients in the gloves’inner lining, HydraSoft® Technology is designed to protect skin from drying, cracking and penetration by foreign substances. HydraSoft® contains a skin-friendly, humectant moisturizer combined with Dimethicone, which forms a protective barrier that blocks attacks from foreign substances and prevents the skin from drying out. HydraSoft®’s hydrating qualities even outlast glove use; laboratory tests have shown that after only one hour of wearing gloves with HydraSoft® Technology, most unser’s hands revealed an increase of 47% in retained moisture content 5 minutes after removal and of 98% after 30 minutes.
Ansell plans to first introduce HydraSoft® coating technology into its best-selling powderfree latex surgical glove, Gammex PF. Results from user tests have established that Gammex® PF HydraSoft® gloves are noticeably easier to don and remove, due to the enhanced lubrication provided by the coating.The company has announced that that it will integrate HydraSoft® into other products within its medical glove range.

For more information: www.anselleurope.com