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Hope for Millions of People with Pains in the Joints

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Berlin (ddp). More than half of the people in Germany (57%) there are older than 40 years old are afflicted with acute pains in the joints.

Long before this message from agency ddp retrieved us in this october the engineers, physics and IT specialists have started with the fight against pains by self-help by the pained people. These specialists have known it very well thatswhy they have got a lot of experiences during former jobs in hospitals, clinics and university institutes. It is well known that elecromacnetical frequencies are helpful in treatment of pains in the back, in the joints and skeletal muscles. The results were very impressive but the possibilities for the patients to use this treatments without pharmaceutics against pains are strong limited in hospitals and clinics of the industrialized countries. The people wants to use treatments without pharmaceutics and the including adverse effects. The most part of the 20 Million people with pains in the back and in the joints are not supported by doctors and therapists.

Therefore the WeWoThom GmbH and the Ullrich und Augst GmbH designed medical devices for the treatment against pains in the back and in joints what is handling by the people self. The solutions with the names WeWoThom and SoftAgil can be used by the people very easy and they have a lot of advantages. The most important advantage of the products are the low prices for the users. It is available for everybody!

In the context between pains in the back and in joints and a failed nutrition the bodyanalysis is very important. Therefore the companies offers a device for the Body Impedance Analysis (BIA). BIA is useful to measure the body compartments (body fat, muscle volume and body whater).

Actually now when the patients have more costs for there health care and the other costs are growing in the health care systems the patiens are seeking for treatments without pharmaceutics and without including adverse effects. The patients prefer methodes of treatments what they can use in there privat flats very comfortable and agreeable. The patients do not prefer a long time waiting for treatment in clinics and hopspitals outside of there home.

Therefore the 2 young companies WeWoThom GmbH and Ullrich und Augst GmbH in the German Brandenburg are complete in the tide of customer requests and in the growing market segment of self treatment for the people with pains. With the product WewoThom the patient can use the treatment everytime in every place (for instance during works in the job, during going by car or during sleeping in the night). The company WeWoThom is expecting realistic sales volume around 30.000 units in 2007 and a growing addition around 30 or 40% in every next year. The started production in Brandenburg is perfect already. The management expects good contracts with trade companies worldwide in the exhibition MEDICA in Düsseldorf this year.